MCAT Counties Going Live

Angi Connolly, CCI Project Manager, is excited to announce that Iron County Utah is live on RealWare.  This is the first county in the MCAT group (23 Utah counties rolling out over 3 years) to go live.  Millard County is hot on their heels and should be live today as well.

This is just the first step in our journey with the state of Utah and we are thrilled at how well things are going!  

The project team has been absolutely fantastic!  Many many thanks to Cathy, Karri and Glenn for the long months of hard work!!!

Thanks also to Andrea and Ko for their help with training this week, Bary and Stan for the timely and efficient installs and Matt Ash for his help with integration.

As always, everyone plays a role in the success of bringing a county live so thanks go to all!


Susan Dussaman – A Great SME

Congratulations to Susan Dussaman, one of CCI’s dedicated RealWare Subject Matter experts, for being recognized by Davis County Utah!

“Training was awesome, Susan did a great job.”