And the 2011 Employee of the Year Nominees are…

CCI would not be what it is without the support of our staff.  As we ring in the New Year we woudl like to take a moment to recognize the individuals nominated by their co-workers  for the 2011 Employee of the Year.  Watch the January newsletter for the Winner!

Chariti Fisher- Chariti’s willingness to take on big challenges and see them through has inspired us all this year.  She is a change agent and is always looking for ways to make things better.  Thank you Chariti!

Chris Laxson– In a very short time Chris has excelled in Customer Service.  He has built valuable relationships with our CW customers by going the extra mile to ensure they are successful.  He is always willing to take the initiative to help our customers be successful.  Job well done Chris!

Darrow Clark-Darrow demonstrates CCI’s value of being accountable for commitments, results and quality to customers, partners and employees.  He is a supportive and active manager who leads by example.  His proactive approach to maintaining and improving processes and the infrastructure results in a stable and reliable environment for CCI. Thank you Darrow!

Kent McDaniel– Kent’s passion for our customer is exhibited in everything he does.  He put’s in whatever time needed to ensure that our customers are successful.  He meets commitments that he doesn’t even know about with a calm smile and a “we can do it” results oriented attitude. We are so proud of you Kent!

Fred Hermann– Fred has done an outstanding job in the role of architecture team lead.  Fred continuously asks for customer input on what the next highest value change should be.  Thank you for all you have done this year.

Jennifer Channel– Jennifer has stepped into a new role where she came from the outside and everything was new. She has worked with her team to get to know them and helped to build a new functional team.  Way to come in and make things happen!

Lindy Conrad– Lindy has gracefully organized the Conversion teams and created excitement and expectations for success.  Her communication skills are outstanding and she is a true team player.  Lindy is positive, approachable and supportive; her “can do” attitude is catching. Keep up the great work Lindy!

Mike Waldron– Mike helped reshape CCI’s development methodology and created a solution that has been the foundation for quality improvements in 2011.  Although Mike had many challenges, he never said “no” or “we can’t”.  He is patient, dedicated and focused on CCI’s important and urgent needs. Thank you Mike!

Laurie Jeffery– Laurie has demonstrates every company value this year.  She has been faced with very difficult situations and conversations and she always maintains her cool.  She is a strong leader that models the way for others. She has made many personal sacrifices for the CCI Family. We would not have made it without you!

Mike Kaufman– Mike looks at challenges as if they are an adventure he can’t wait to attack. He brings enthusiasm that is contagious to the project he works on and always develops with the customer in mind.  When he is approached with a question or issue, his first response is “yes I can”, the word can’t is not in his personal dictionary. We really do appreciate all you have done this year!

Glenn Ryan– Glenn has really gone above and beyond this year.  He has been asked to take over some difficult projects and manage multiple and to manage multiple project at the same time.  He never complains and always makes you feel like your project is the most important.  He manages his time well and produces accurate and fast results.  Thank you for being so accountable Glenn!


Hunger Not Welcome Here!

2011 was a time of charitable giving for CCI employees!  During the last two months of the year CCI:

  • Was recognized in The Coloradoan – Fort Collins local newspaper as a corporate contributor during our first ever Turkey Round Up!
  • Adopted four local families for Christmas including a senior citizen, a young couple just getting started, and two single-parent households
  • Held a Silent Auction, with donations from local businesses, that raised over $800 in cash given directly to our adopted families

The CCI staff is dedicated to helping others in need!

5 More Utah Counties Go Live on RealWare!

We are pleased to welcome Kane, Boxelder, Summit, Juab and Sevier to RealWare.  Through the combined efforts of CCI Subject Matter Experts, IT, Project Management and Business Development we took these 5 counties live in less than 5 weeks!

This brings us to a total of 12 counties in Utah live with 10 scheduled for 2012 and the final 7 in 2013!