Mike Kaufman “Ignites” at GIS/CAMA 2012

GIS/CAMA 2012 was a great success!

Here’s a taste of what attendees saw from CCI.  Employee, Mike Kaufman, explains the relationship between the Rubik’s Cub and property assessment!



Eye on CCI: Tim Brady in the Employee Spotlight


  • What is a favorite memory about the town in which you grew up? I grew up in a small town in California called Lompoc (pronounced Lom-Poke) just north of Santa Barbara.  My favorite memory of growing up there was being involved in the All Star Baseball Tournament at age 12 (you can see this tournament on ESPN now – back then it wasn’t televised).  The high level of play intimidated me but we ended up placing 6th in our State (out of 138 sponsored teams!
  • What do you like to do when you aren’t at work?  Most of our clients know that I’m a big hunter.  I truly enjoy the challenge of getting outdoors and testing my skills as a hunter against animals, big or small.  My absolute favorite hunting activity is taking my black Lab, Sable, out to hunt pheasants.  Love my dog!!
  • What is your most rewarding, satisfying, or proudest moment since you joined CCI?  There’s not one single moment necessarily, I just love to help people achieve their goals and feel extremely proud to be able to do that every day!
  • Something most people would not know about you?  I have served in the US Army as a Bomb Specialist (EOD – Explosive Ordinance Disposal) and have S.W.A.T. level weapon and hand-to-hand combat certification.
  • If you could meet one person (living or dead) – who and why?  I would love to sit down with Stephen Hawking and just explore the possibilities of Life in the universe, black holes, and Paranormal dimension.  The unexplained fascinates me!

See the Evolution of Mapping

Preparations for the 16th Annual GIS/CAMA Conference are almost complete! 

Stop by the CCI booth and check out the additions to our “Evolution of Mapping” display which shows maps dating from ancient Babylonian times to the most modern data visualization tool, MatixDV!

From this…                                                                                                                      

Santa Barbara County Platt Map Circa 1970's

 To This…

Santa Barbara Platt Map as Seen in MatixDV 2012

Santa Barbara Platt Map as Seen in MatixDV 2012

Still haven’t decided if you are attending GIS/CAMA?

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