NFL Draft Day

It is NFL draft day! Today is a big day for all of you football fans out there and especially for our Denver Broncos! Regardless of your opinion on the Tebow/Manning situation, you can’t argue with Manning’s prior success and the energy he brings to our Broncos offense. Hopefully with his experience, and a few wise draft picks, we will have an impressive 2012 season.

So, who do you think the Broncos should draft tonight to put them in a better position to win Super Bowl XLVII?


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CCI Places 2nd in Fitness Challenge!

Not Pictured: Angi Connolly

Congratulations Team Sweaty Geeks!

In a 6-week competition, CCI’s Fitness Challenge team, the Sweaty Geeks, placed second overall among 11 teams in the Fort Collins area. Points were awarded according to duration of the workout as well as the amount of calories burned. By category, CCI placed first in both indoor and outdoor cardio!

Way to go team!

Real vs. Personal Property

When it comes to determining personal property vs. real property, it can be more difficult than it seems.

Here is a quick trick – remember the four A’s:

  • Attachment.  Is it permanently attached?  If so, it may no longer be personal property.
  • Agreement.  Is it agreed to be personal property?  In some cases, what appears to be personal may be agreed to be Real.
  • Affixture.  Has that mobile home been permanently affixed and is now considered Real?

..and the least known “A”

  • Always check your state law…there may be some very specific definitions around what is considered personal property!

So, think you can pass the test? Post your score when you’re done!