RealWare Strikes Black Gold!

Utilizing the Oil and Gas module inside of CCI’s CAMA software, RealWare, Weld County had access to the latest in valuation techniques for oil/gas production and equipment associated with oil productivity which resulted in $52 million in tax revenue from Oil and Gas properties in 2011.

Anadarko pays $52M in property taxes

Weld County received $52 million in 2011 property taxes Tuesday from Anadarko Petroleum Corp., the largest amount in such taxes ever paid to the county by the oil giant.

Anadarko presented a check for that amount during a presentation Tuesday at the company’s new regional office in Evans. The tax payment amounts to about 14 percent of the county’s total tax revenue, the county said.

“If you drive on a county road, send your child to public school, use a public recreation center and library or are comforted knowing you have the protection of a fire department should you need it, then you are realizing the benefits of the oil and gas industry in our county,” Commission Chairman Sean Conway said.

More than 40 percent of the $52 million payment will fund school districts in the county. Fire protection districts will receive about $4.4 million.

Towns, Aims Community College, water and sanitation districts, and soil and special districts also will receive funding.

“This will be our largest tax payment made to Weld County, symbolizing a constructive relationship and stable tax regime coupled with the exceptional performance of our Wattenberg oil and natural gas field and expanding presence in the region,” said Jim Kleckner, Anadarko vice president of Rockies Operations.

Energy industry tax payments also contribute to a stable mill levy in the county.

Since 2010, the county mill levy has remained at 16.8. The mill levy means lower property tax bills for county residents and businesses compared with neighboring counties, according to the county.

In Colorado, local governments tax oil and gas land holding at an assessed value of 87.5 percent, according to the Colorado Oil & Gas Association.

-Northern Colorado Business Report
May 1, 2012



CCI Provides Riverside, California with GIS/CAMA Integration

Visually analyze detailed CAMA data through MatixDV. Contact for more information.

Fort Collins, Colorado, May 8, 2012 – CCI (Colorado CustomWare, Inc.) is pleased to announce the installation of MatixDV, an integrated assessment and GIS solution built to leverage the power and flexibility of ESRI’s ARCGIS Server in Riverside County, CA.  MatixDV will offer Riverside County the latest in data visualization with a user-friendly interface and robust functionality that can be integrated with almost any application.

Peter Aldana, Assistant Assessor/Clerk/Recorder of Riverside County stated that MatixDV is a “Great GIS integrated model.  Access to this data and the ability to view and interact with it on the map will enhance quality and increase productivity by expediting the decision-making process.  One of the simplest yet beneficial uses of GIS as an appraiser is the ability to identify what it is you are appraising.”

MatixDV provides jurisdictions with an industry-leading enhanced data visualization tool, joining property data, including spatial, tabular, imagery and sketch for quick and intuitive data analysis of both current and historical CAMA (Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal) records.  With CCI’s MatixDV, governmental departments will provide everyone, from taxpayers to decision-makers, with powerful trend-tracking, problem solving and analysis tools, giving them unmatched access to meaningful data.

MatixDV has the flexibility to connect multiple databases allowing appraisers to meet and exceed IAAO desktop review standards and compare recent sales in a more efficient and accurate method.

About CCI: CCI, a privately owned company for more than 20 years, provides governmental clients across the country with a fully integrated system including CAMA (RealWare), Collections (CollectWare), Task Management (WorkFlow), and Data Visualization Solutions in GIS (Matix) resulting in a robust end-to-end solution.  Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, CCI’s team of Subject Matter Experts and creative developers design each application with functionality in mind, allowing the software to work as one harmonious application.  CCI holds true to its mission of “Empowering Individuals to Change the World” by improving office efficiencies and turning data into meaningful intelligence while offering multi-tier customer support.

With the release of its newest software (Matix), CCI has started a new era of interactive visualization by combining a rich user interface with live data integration to create a complex yet intuitive management application equally adaptive to any customer, public or private.

CCI’s customer base covers 15 states from coast to coast and 1 province with installations in more than 100 jurisdictions and counting!