CCI Signs Contract with Dorchester County, SC

June 21st, 2012 – Fort Collins, CO

CCI Software has just been awarded a multi-year contract with Dorchester County, South Carolina, for a Computer Assisted Mass Apraisal (CAMA) System, making this the third CCI awarded contract from the Palmetto State.

Patrick Berner, VP of Business Development stated, “Not only are we excited to be working with a great staff from Dorchester, but also for the opportunity to show our present and future clients that we can implement a project in a way that sets both them and CCI up for success!”

The contract signing resulted after submitting a response to RFP in November, attending a shortlist demo in January, and finally, receiving an intent to award notice in March. CCI’s Business Development team has worked throughout the years to build a solid relationship with Dorchester, while effectively supplementing their foundation with an in-depth knowledge of the CCI product suite.

 “We looked at several CAMA systems and narrowed our selection to two companies.  We were allowed to test these systems in our office which allowed the staff to explore the systems.  Our appraisers were able to maneuver through the programs and determine which program they preferred.  RealWare was the unanimous choice of my appraisers.  Other staff members liked the work flow feature, history files, notes screen and the general profile view of the parcels.  The overall layout and navigation through RealWare made it an easy selection for Dorchester County,” Dorchester County’s Deputy Assessor stated in recent correspondence.

 Installation is set for October 2012 and the go-live date is scheduled for mid 2013. RealWare, just one of CCI’s products in their Encompass Suite, provides fair and equitable values produced in mass with all approaches to valuation (cost, market, and income, with option to reconcile).

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CCI Software announces partnership with Vision Government Solutions, Inc.

June 19th, 2012 – Fort Collins, CO

Thursday morning, Lori Burge, President and CEO of CCI Software, announced that CCI has formed a strategic partnership with Vision Government Solutions, Inc.

“Each company will continue to operate as a separate entity, as this partnership does not represent a merger”, states Burge.

Like CCI, Vision Government Solutions, Inc., from Northboro, MA, is a leading provider of CAMA and Tax Collection software, as well as mass appraisal services. Vision has a significant presence in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Washington, DC.

Both Vision’s and CCI’s management teams believe that there is a great cultural fit across the two companies because of their mutual focus on customer service and satisfaction. They share excitement in each other’s product quality as well as their continuous determination to innovate and improve company offerings.

Goals for this partnership, as stated by Burge, are as follows:

  1. CCI and Vision will each immerse themselves in the other company’s suite of products, resulting in “best of breed” software packages.
  2. With the strong cultural alignment across each company, both marketing teams will cooperate with each other to effectively bring their messages to the market.
  3. Finally, in order to leverage best practices, management will be shared across both companies.

CCI and Vision clients should not expect to experience any major changes with products or people, other than increased interaction with management personnel from both companies. Their main objective with this alliance is to bring the best products to the market, while offering uncompromised customer service.

About CCI: CCI, a privately owned company for more than 20 years, provides governmental clients across the country with a fully integrated system including CAMA (RealWare), Collections (CollectWare), Task Management (WorkFlow), and Data Visualization Solutions in GIS (Matix) resulting in a robust end-to-end solution.  Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, CCI’s team of Subject Matter Experts and creative developers design each application with functionality in mind, allowing the software to work as one harmonious application.  CCI holds true to its mission of “Empowering Individuals to Change the World” by improving office efficiencies and turning data into meaningful intelligence while offering multi-tier customer support.

With the release of its newest software (Matix), CCI has started a new era of interactive visualization by combining a rich user interface with live data integration to create a complex yet intuitive management application equally adaptive to any customer, public or private.

CCI’s customer base covers 15 states from coast to coast and 1 province with installations in more than 100 jurisdictions and counting!

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Questions, comments, and concerns directly related to the partnership should be directed to Lori Burge,

Yuma County, Colorado – First audit on CollectWare was a success!

Dee Ann Stults, Yuma County Treasurer, was present during her annual audit and reported that it was a great success.

“Everything went very smoothly and our auditor was very impressed with the interface of Collectware from CCI.  He also made a point to comment on the great level of transparency and tracking in our system.” – Dee Ann Stults, Yuma County Treasurer

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Enhanced Data Visualization through our integrated GIS/CAMA Software

This past spring, CCI attended the GIS/CAMA Conference in San Antonio, Texas! View our ‘Technology Track’ presentation on ‘Enhanced Data Visualization through Simplified Live GIS/CAMA Integration’ using our Matix software!


Live Integration slide from GIS/CAMA Conference