Three More Utah Counties Go Live!

CCI now has more than half of the counties in Utah live on RealWare, CCI’s CAMA (Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal) Software, after three more counties go live.

“Every day we find more things we like about the product,” says Joe Thompson, Garfield County Assessor.

Morgan, Garfield, and Sanpete Counties went live on RealWare as of Wednesday morning, June 27th, following two days of on-site training. The CCI team has been working diligently to prepare databases, verify environments, and confirm processes in order to get these counties up and running.

“Now it’s time to get ready for the next four scheduled go lives in October,” Project Manager Angi Connolly said after announcing the exciting news.

All 29 Utah counties belong to an organization called MCAT, Multi-County Appraisal Trust, which works to unite the counties in standardizing the CAMA, reporting, and collection systems throughout the state. In September of 2010, CCI signed a contract with MCAT to implement the remaining 23 counties that were not previously contracted with CCI.

There are eight more counties slated to go live in 2013, rounding out the last of the CCI contracted Utah counties.


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