CCI announces Their First International Go-Live

MPAC (Municipal Property Assessment Corporation) of Ontario, Canada is officially live on RealWare. Income models originally created in the test environment have now been moved to the production environment, completing the final step of their go-live. As MPAC continues to use RealWare for commercial valuation, CCI looks forward to the final completion of the project.

“Exactly one year ago this past week we had a team in Ontario doing a short list proof of concept demonstration.  That was kept in place for a 30 day trial by their users.  We were finally awarded the contract in October of 2011. This was a quick turn of data and a quick go-live.  This is a project to model all future projects.  MPAC made a very wise decision in the beginning to use RealWare just the way it was.  There was only one small work order that was put in to accomplish override ability in the market model.  They are an awesome group to work with!”
–Cindy South, VP of Industry Services

MPAC uses RealWare’s analysis module to its full potential. Stay tuned for news from the CCI User’s Group in October, where MPAC’s top statistical modeler will be presenting on RealWare.

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