Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser

As the month comes to an end, CCI is celebrating the closing day of our Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser! Our employees have spent the last month seperated into 5 teams, competing against eachother to raise money for Hope Lives, a local post diagnosis breast cancer support center in Fort Collins. We’re proud to come together as a company and have the ability to donate to such an important cause. Feels great to donate!


CCI Client, Ontario, Makes Top Intelligent Communities List

Ontario, Canada places 13th amongst the top 21 communities in the world to demonstrate 21st-century best practices. CCI provides Ontario with our top of the line CAMA system, RealWare, as well as our GIS application, Matix. Riverside, California, another Matix user, was a nominee for the list.

RealWare and Matix arm its users with software that shows meaningful representations of data, uncovering holes and errors while increasing efficiency amongst office personnel, making all of our clients ‘intelligent communities’.

Read the full story here.

CCI User Group Kicks Off Today!

October  15, 2012 marks the 10th annual CCI User Group conference! This conference encompasses everything from Workflow Demonstrations to lessons on how GIS/CAMA integration relates to a Rubik’s Cube! Visit the User Group website for agenda and contact information. This year, it is held in the beautiful Park City, UT.

Interested in hosting the next CCI User Group Conference? Notify any User Group board member and the next location could be yours!