Davis County, Utah signs Consulting Contract with CCI Software

On November 13th, Dennis Yarrington (Davis County Assessor) and Cindy South (VP of Industry Services) finalized a 6 month Consulting Contract to be delivered to Davis County from CCI’s Cindy South.

Currently, CCI Software provides the Davis County Assessor’s Office with its V5 CAMA solution, RealWare. Per the request of the client, Davis County will be provided with completed Residential Market Models using their sales data. Cindy will apply the models to residential county inventory. The final product will include an update of time adjustment to existing sales in RealWare, construction and review/testing of Residential models created in RealWare, and application of the models to the county’s residential inventory producing values for next tax year.

Both parties are anxious to ‘get the ball rolling’ and start on their journey of discovery. Cindy is scheduled to make her first contracted on-site consulting visit during the second week of December.

Is your office in need of consulting services? Contact info@ccisoftware.net to best determine how CCI can meet your needs and help lead you to a more efficient and successful future.


Two More Utah Counties Go Live!

Last week, Grand County and San Juan County went live following two days of on-site training. Group training was held in Price, UT and three days of individual county training followed. The group training also included two other counties (that will be going live next month), Utah State Tax Commission reps, and the MCAT Project Specialist…a full room indeed. Thanks to all of our trainers for their hard work!

We now have 17 of the 29 Utah counties up and running with two to follow shortly and five more go lives slated for next year!

All 29 Utah counties belong to an organization called MCAT, Multi-County Appraisal Trust, which works to unite the counties in standardizing the CAMA, reporting, and collection systems throughout the state. In September of 2010, CCI signed a contract with MCAT to implement the remaining 23 counties that were not previously contracted with CCI.