Happy Holidays from CCI!

Happy Holidays to contacts


Employee of the year announced!

sarah headshotCongratulations to Sarah, 2012 employee of the year winner!

After announcing Sarah as the winner, Lori Burge, President & CEO of CCI Software, had this to say about her employee,

“As a software developer, Sarah has exhibited every CCI value. She always has a positive attitude, keeps an open mind and is very respectful when working with others. I appreciate her courage to be honest and ask the tough questions. She has never backed down from a challenge and is always seeking to take on new ones. Her ability to communicate technical information to customers is refreshing. When Sarah takes on commitments she can be trusted to follow through with minimal direction and produce quality results.”

Congratulations Sarah!

CCI Adopts a Platoon for the Holidays

Yesterday CCI packed up its final boxes to be sent overseas just in time for them to arrive Christmas Day.

Three weeks ago, CCI Software announced to its employees that they would be taking donations of food and other commodity items like coffee, chapstick, and crackers, to be delivered to a special platoon that is currently deployed overseas. This particular platoon employs the son of a fellow CCI employee. There are a total of 12 men in his platoon, all who were the recipients of the donated items. All 12 of the men have wives, two of which are expecting, and most have young children, but all of them have anxious family members waiting for their return home.

CCI donated enough items to send 10 full boxes over the course of the last 3 weeks. It has been an enjoyable experience being able to give back to the men who have given so much to us.