Eagle County, CO Goes Live on CollectWare

CCI President, Lori Burge, announced today that the Eagle County Treasurer has implemented a new software system from Colorado CustomWare (CCI). The County Treasurer is now live on CCI’s CollectWare product for use in tax billing and collections. The Eagle County implementation is the sixth Colorado County to install the software. This is the first implementation of CollectWare as a stand-alone product without the Property Tax Assessment functions. The first migration of the software in a new database platform is now live at Eagle County!

“The project was the culmination of many hours of work by the project team from Eagle County and CCI”, CCI President, Lori Burge stated, “CCI was diligent in the preparation and execution of the project plan; Eagle is a good partner to work with. It is exciting for us because this contemporary software system follows Colorado state statutes and allows the county to offer streamlined secure online payment of taxes to the taxpayers of Eagle County.”

CollectWare is a complete tax billing, collection and distribution of tax receipts software application.
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